Preserving something special for the next Generation...

About Us

Marcus is the third generation to embrace the Antique Trade. His Great Grandfather, a Cabinet Maker was the cornerstone of a specialist company who laid the intricate parquet floor of the Buckingham Palace throne room amongst many other prestigious addresses in the country and his father, Edward A Nowell was of course an eminent Antiques Dealer who traded for over 50 years in the market place at Wells, Somerset.

Marcus and Catherine Nowell

Before joining his father to develop his passion for fine antiques dealing, restoration and conservation of antique furniture, Marcus served the traditional 5 year apprenticeship finishing under the fastidious eye of Master Upholsterer George Gilfoy before joining his father in the retail trade to develop his passion for the restoration and conservation of Antique Furniture.

He has over 30 years experience in all aspects of the Antique Trade both here and in America.

Catherine with her fastidious attention to detail and boundless enthusiasm, is the mainstay of our business , selecting fabrics and piecing together the endless tapestry which forms us. Marcus Nowell Upholstery.